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New Zealand Women's Army Auxilary Roll World War Two 1939 - 1948
The Northam Girls

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Abbreviations & Keys
Surname* Served Japan.
Surname** Northam Girls
Reg No:
  (FW or W) issued while serving in Air Force, prior to joining the NZWAAC.
   (RF) Regular Force after WW2.
Territorial Force after WW2
(NZANS) attested into the NZANS after
1 April 1947.
Cpl = Corporal
   L = Lance
   Sgt = Seargent
    A= Acting
    N= Nurse
    T = Temporary
    VAD = Voluntary Aid Detachment
Married Name:
name / name this equates to
1st and 2nd marriages

Bibliography & other References  

Grigg  Martha Denman 72159 2/Lieutenant          
Morrison  Nancy 72119 T/Sgt          
Sloman  Gladys Janet 72100 T/Sgt          
Anderson  Frances  71959 Private   Moran  Hazel Mary Walmer 72095 Private
Anderson  Lucy Joan 71958 Private   Murray  Mary Jean 72147 Private
Baker  Marjory Edna 72064 Private   Neal  Joan Isabelle 72096 Private
Blair  Phyllis Jean 72065 Private   Patchett  Eva Mercia 71955 Private
Broadmore  Olive Muriel 71957 Private   Pilkington  Molly 72097 Private
Burd  Margaret Kathleen 72067 Private   Quin  Mary Elizabeth  72148 Private
Cameron  Hazel Elizabeth 71962 Private   Quin  Winifred Mary 72149 Private
Carroll  Mary Florence 72068 Private   Roberton  Helen Edith 71978 Private
Childs  Edith Eugenie 72070 Private   Robertson  Elena Katherine 72087 Private
Claridge  Ria Evelyn 72071 Private   Rose  Theona Julia 72150 Private
Collett  Ida Vera 72072 Private   Sandrey  Jean Ethelwyn 71983 Private
Drummond  Maisie (AKA May) 72073 Private    Scott  Alice Templeton 71984 Private
Dunn  Judith Kingsbury Priston 71964 Private   Shearer  Alyson Constance 72101 Private
Eliott  Betty Gordon 72133 Private    Shirtcliff  Margaret Helen 72161 Private
Fowler  Hazel Ellen 71967 Private   Simpson  Margaret Mary 72124 Private
Green  Gwendoline Joyce 72135 Private   Slater  Annie  72152 Private
Hall  Daphne Lola Edna 72139 Private   Smart  Wilhelmina Mary 72123 Private
Hamilton  Helen Maxwell 72137 Private   Thompson  Joan Nancy Elizabeth Reynell  72103 Private
Harper  Betty Mary Babington 72089 Private   Tinker  Hazel Esther  71985 Private
Healey  Mary 72138 Private   Townsend  Agnes Ann 71986 Private
Hogg  Mary Ann Hiseltine  72091 Private   Walker  Barbara Maude 72160 Private
Hunger  Verona  72090 Private   Walsh  Minnie Sarah 71956 Private
Innes  Mary  72114 Private   Watts  Mary Elizabeth Joan 72106 Private
Jackson  Annie Mabel 72140 Private   Wells  Annie  72128 Private
Jamieson  Jean Menzies 72077 Private   Wheeler  Doris Anne 72154 Private
Jones  Frances Gwendoline 72141 Private   Whyte-Hille  Violet Estelle 72104 Private
Lee  Stephanie  72144 Private   Wilson  Kathleen Mary 72105 Private
Levin  Kathleen Nora 72146 Private   Win  Emma Merle 72107 Private
Longstaff  Vera May 72142 Private   Woolridge  Thelma Ivis 72153 Private
McFarlane  Reta Violet Gladys 72081 Private          
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  Bibliography & other References
  Sherayl McNabb; 100 YEARS - New Zealand Military Nursing: New Zealand Army Nursing Service - Royal New Zealand Nursing Corps: 1915-2015. Published 2015.
  NZDF Archives - Trentham Military Camp
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